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Autodesk 3ds Max 2017


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Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 - Syllabus

Chapter - 1
Interface of 3ds max
Setting preferences
Set project
Exploring interface
Creating basic object and modify panel
Navigating viewports.

Chapter - 2
Move, Rotate, and scaling objects
Setting display, system units
Grid setting
Shading modes
Viewport configuring
Customizing colour and hotkeys
Transform center

Chapter - 3
Using Array
Instance duplicate
Isolate selection and lock
Scene explorer
Selection tool and window crossing
Object grouping

Chapter - 4
Standard primitives
Level of detailing
Moving pivot point
Building modifier stack
Understanding topology dependence
Volume select modifier
Clearing a selection stack
Collapsing the modifier stack

Chapter - 5
Understanding Shapes
Create line
Lathe / revolve
Modify line with end result on
Create Outline
Detailing using lathe and interpolation

Chapter - 6
Understanding editable mesh, editable poly
Modelling sofa
modelling dinning table
extended primitives
modelling with extended primitives

Chapter - 7
Text spline
Adding extrude and bevel to lines
text plus
Using LOFT
creating loft with sweep

Chapter - 8
Understanding AEC extended
Bend, taper
Subdivision surface

Chapter - 9
Applying image to a surface
Attach line
Creating wall using line
Booleans, Quick slice
Fix Door and Windows
Merging scene

Chapter - 10
material Editor Interface
using material
applying bitmap to an object
2d and 3d texturing
bump map

Chapter - 11
Default light
Photometric light
Area light parameter
Sun positioner

Chapter - 12
Creating the base of the exterior
Creating elevation
Creating the doors and windows
Creating bars

Chapter - 13
target camera
free camera
safe zone
setting up time config
Auto key frame and set key frame
editing animation in timeline, dope sheet, curve editor

Chapter - 14
Rendering setup
Scanline render
ART render
Batch render
Ram play

Chapter - 15
Sculpting with paint deform
setting paint option
controlling brush
Vray lighting
Vray render setup

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