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AutoCAD 2D - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 INTRODUTION File management, User interface, Basic settings, Navigation bar, Steering wheel, View port

Chapter: 2 NEW FEATURES Go to start, Close other Over kill, Dim edit

Chapter: 3 DRAW SETTING & CONDITION Units, Limits, UCS icon Function keys & its work

Chapter: 4 DRAWING TOOLS Line, polyline, Circle, arc Rectangle, polygon Ellipse, Elliptical arc, spline Spline Edit, Xline, Ray, Points Measure, Divide, Region Wipeout, Helix, Donut, Revision cloud, hatch, Gradient

Chapter: 5 MODIFY TOOLS Move, copy, Rotate, scale Stretch, fillet, chamfer Erase, offset, explode Array, polar Array, path array Trim, extend, mirror, Edit polyline, Edit spline, Edit hatch Edit array, break, break at point Blend vertex, joint, overkill, lengthen.

Chapter: 6 Annotations Dimensions, dimension setting Linear dimension, Aligned dimension Angular dimensions, arc length, Radius Diameter, ordinates, jogged Base line dimension, Dim base Continuous dimension MULTILEADER: Multileader setting, create multileader Multileader edit, multileader align TEXT: Text style, single text, multi text TABLE: Table style, create table Table Edit, text placement

Chapter: 7 PROPERTIES TOOLS Property: color, line type Line weight, show icon Match properties GROUP: New group, Edit group Active and inactive group

Chapter: 8 LAYERS Create layers, Edit layers’ properties Layer control (hide, freeze, lock Layout lock, print lock)

Chapter: 9 UTILITIES TOOLS UT tools - distance, Radius, Angle Area, volume, quick select, Quick calculator, point, ID point CLIP BOARD: copy, cut, paste Paste as a block, paste special

Chapter: 10 BLOCK AND ATTRIBUTES BLOCK: create block (Block & write block) Insert block, block Editor ATTRIBUTES: create attributes, Attributes mode setting, block Attributes, insert attributes, Edit attributes Tool palettes, design Centre, Add object to Tool Palettes and Design Centre, Insert object from Tool Palettes and Design Centre

Chapter: 11 CONSTRAINTS GEOMETRIC CONSTRAINT Coincident, parallel, tangent Collinear, mid-point, smooth Concentric, Horizontal, symmetric Lock, Vertical, Equal, Show and hide constraints DIMENSION CONSTRAINT Linear, aligned, Radius, diameter Angle, show and hide dim constraints Delete constraints, parameters

Chapter: 12 References: External reference, Attach files IMPORT: Import 2D, import 3D, OLE LAYOUTS: Multiview, paper space, model space Page setup, print setup Print setting, PDF conversion DXF, batch print



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