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Electrical CAD - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 Introduction AutoCAD Electrical 2016 How to Open the Software? GUI Design Methodologies

Chapter: 2 Project Basics Project Manager Project Manager drawing list Moving through a Project

Chapter: 3 Schematics Phase 1 Single Wires - Types Referencing, Ladders Edit Wires Marking Menu

Chapter: 4 Schematics Phase 2 Insert Component Parent/Child Components Multi-wire & Circuits 3-Phase Components Edit Components

Chapter: 5 Schematics Components Schematic symbol Annotation Adding Saved Circuits Working with existing Circuits W-Blocking Inserting option Copy & Move difference

Chapter: 6 Circuits and Cables Cable Builder Circuit Clipboard Tools Re-calculate wires

Chapter: 7 Connectors Connectors Editing options PLCs Circuit Tools PLCs Circuit Generation

Chapter: 8 Panels Panel Drawing Insert Footprint Annotation & Editing Copy Installation code & -location Code Add Balloons Insert Named Plates

Chapter: 9 Symbol Builders Symbol Builder Creating New Symbol Adding to Libraries Inserting in the drawing

Chapter: 10 Generate Reports AutoCAD Electrical Report Schematic Report Panel Report

Chapter: 11 Import/Export Data Export to spreadsheet Update from Spreadsheet

Chapter: 12 Sample Project

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