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JAVA - Syllabus

Chapter-1 Introduction Necessity of Java History of Java Java Virtual Machine Internal Architecture of JVM -Installation Installing JDK Installing Eclipse

Chapter-2 Basics -Variables and Datatypes References to Objects Rules and Syntax Memory needed to store a variable -Operators Special Symbols Operators and Operands

Chapter-3 OOPS -Object Oriented Programming OOP and its advantage Programming Techniques Classes Instance of Classes State and Behavior of object Encapsulation and its attributes Call by Value -Methods -Chunk of Code -Sub program -Types and Structure -Requirements -Functions Vs Methods -Types of methods -Method Overloading -Type Promotion -Constructor -Meaning of Constructor -Rules and Syntax -Types -Constructor overloading -Copy Constructor

Chapter-4 Control Flow -if loop, if-else, While loop, Do-While, Switch case, for loop.

Chapter-5 Arrays -single dimensional Array Multi-Dimensional Array Chapter-6 Inheritance -SINGLE LEVEL INHERITANCE -MULTILEVEL INHERITANCE -HIERARCHIAL INHERITANCE -MULTIPLE INHERITANCE -INTERFACE -Aggregation -Method Overriding

Chapter-7 Keyword This Referring current class instance variable Invoking current class constructor. Passing an argument to method call Returning current instance Super Referring immediate parent class instance variable. Invoking immediate parent class constructor. Invoking immediate parent class method

Chapter-8 Polymorphism Coercion and conversion Types

Chapter-9 Inner Class Member inner class Anonymous inner class Static inner class Local Inner class

Chapter-10 Handling -String Handling Two ways to create string String Literal String Buffer String Builder -IO/File Handling Receiving User Input Responding to User Input Writing to a File Reading from a File

Chapter-11 Threading -Concept of Threading -Ways to start a Thread

Chapter-12 Socket Programming -Networking and its advantages -Technologies -Client Server -URL -Http Url Connection -InetAddress

Chapter-13 GUI AWT Swing

Chapter-14 Project Catch the Roadrunner -A Game done with Java

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