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Learn Computer - Syllabus

Chapter 1
Introduction of computer
What is computer?
Functions of computer
Parts of Computer
Function of mouse
Function of keyboard
Function of CPU
Function of UPS

Chapter 2
How To Use Mouse
Changing The Desktop Icon Size
Personalize Option
Changing Desktop Background
Changing Windows Color
Windows Startup Sound Changing
Changing Screen Saver
Changing Desktop Icon
Changing Account Picture
Display Options

Chapter 3
Volume Control Option
Speakers Setting
Notification Appear On The Taskbar
Task Bar Options

Chapter 4
System Properties
Device Manager
Remote Setting
System Protection
Advance System Settings
Taskbar Properties
Changing Task Bars

Chapter 5
My Computer Properties
How to Manage the Files in My Computer
Open The Files
Properties of Files
Changing Icons Of Folders

Chapter 6
Creating New Folders And Files
Recycle Bin Options
Creating Shortcut To Application
And Other Shortcut Options

Chapter 7
How To Use Run Comment
How To Increase The Speed Of Computer
How To Use Notepad

Chapter 8
How To Modifying The Document By Paint
How To Use Paint
Paint Options
Saving Option

Chapter 9
How To Remove Infected Files
How To Repair The Infected Files
Scanning The Folders
How To Remove The Virus

Chapter 10
How To Install The Program
How To Uninstall The Program
And Other Options In Installation And Uninstallation

Chapter 11
Disk Cleanup
How To Clean Unwanted Files In Disk
Removing Temp Files
Computer Management
Disk Management
Separate The Hard Disk
Services And Applications

Chapter 12
How To Search The File In Google
How To Download The Files From Google
How To Save The Image From The Google
How To Use Google Maps

Chapter 13
Hidden Shortcut Keys In Windows
Undo And Redo Options
Shutdown Options
Search A File

Chapter 14
How To Burn The Files Using Windows
How To Copy
How To Open The Files

Chapter 15
Creating The New User Account
Manage The New User Account
Creating The Password
Changing the password
Auto Play Options
Power Options
Networking And Adapter Setting
Changing The Adapter Setting
Change Advances Sharing Settings
Changing System “IP Address”

Chapter 16
How To Format The Pen Drive
NTFS Format
FAT32 Format
Difference Between NTFS and FAT32
How To Use The Pen Drive As External RAM
How To Protect The Pen Drive From File Delete
How To Hidden The Files In Pen Drive Using CMD
How To Retrieve The Affected Files From The Pen Drive
How To Repair And Format The Corrupted Pen Drive

Chapter 17
How To Format The System
How To Installing The Windows OS

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