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LUMION - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION Getting started Work window icons Control (mouse & keyboard)

Chapter: 2 OBJECT PLACEMENT Nature object Transport object Mass placement of object Edit tools

Chapter: 3 OBJECT PLACEMENT - 2 Indoor objects People and animals Outdoor object Move, copy, rotate and resize object Lighting effect

Chapter: 4 Effects library Sound library Edit effect and sound

Chapter: 5 IMPORT OBJECT/ MODEL Import model Edit materials (indoor, outdoor, nature, custom) Materials property editor Place and mass placement of import model Placement editing tools

Chapter: 6 LANDSCAPE Height Paint landscape Water Ocean Grass Terrain (make flat, mountain, import, export)

Chapter: 7 WEATHERS Sun direction Sun position (day & night) Brightness Cloud creation Edit cloud position

Chapter: 8 EXPORT Image creation Motion capture Photo with effects Motion with effects Animating objects Create movies (Render)

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