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PHP Sample Video

MySQL Sample Video

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PHP - Syllabus

Chapter 1
PHP Home, PHP Intro and Installation

Chapter 2
PHP Syntax, PHP Variables, PHP Data types

Chapter 3
PHP Strings, PHP Constants, PHP Operators

Chapter 4
PHP Conditions, PHP Loops

Chapter 5
PHP Functions, PHP Arrays

Chapter 6
PHP Form Handling, PHP Form Validation

Chapter 7
PHP Form Required, PHP URL/ E-Mail, PHP Form Complete

Chapter 8
PHP Multidimensional Arrays, PHP Date and Time

Chapter 9
PHP Include, PHP Require

Chapter 10
PHP File Handling, PHP File Read/Write

Chapter 11
PHP Cookies, PHP Sessions

Chapter 12
PHP Error Handling, PHP Exception Handling

MySQL - Syllabus

Chapter 1
Introduction, Introduction to MySQL Databases

Chapter 2
Installation & Administration, Installing MySQL in local Server, Administrating through command line and GUI

Chapter 3
Basics, Basics of MySQL Environment

Chapter 4
MySQL Tables and Terms, MySQL Terminologies (DB, Table, Attribute, etc.)

Chapter 5
MySQL Queries, Table Creation, Deletion, Updating Queries

Chapter 6
Queries (cond...)

Chapter 7
MySQL in PHP, Using MySQL in PHP

Chapter 8
Working with PHP & MySQL, Connecting MySQL DB from PHP, Executing Queries from PHP

Chapter 9
Sample Project, Login and Registration Form, Creating Login and Registration, form using PHP and MySQL

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