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MS-PowerPoint - Syllabus

Chapter-1 Introduction to MS PowerPoint Launching the application Creating a new Presentation Adding or removing icons from quick access toolbar

Chapter-2 HOME TAB Creating new slide, Layout, Section, Font size, Style, Color & types, Designing the fonts, Clearing the formatting committed on the fonts

Chapter-3 Using Clipboard Groups, Cut, Copy, Paste, Bullets, Numbering, Line Spacing, Indents, Text Direction, Text alignment, Covert to Smart Art, Smart art, Smart art design.

Chapter-4 Drawings, Insert Shapes, Editing Shapes, Design Shapes, Aligning & Ordering The Shapes, Giving Effects to Various Shapes, Format of the Shapes, Shape styles, Editing, Find & Replace.

Chaper-5 INSERT (Table, Image, Illustrations) Insert Table, Methods of Inserting the table, Designing the tables, Editing the table, Table styles, Table Layout, Insert Picture, Resizing the Picture, Adding Effects to the picture, Photo album Designing the picture And Various Options in Image, Shapes, Smart art, Chart.

Chapter-6 INSERT (Text, Symbols, Media, Comment &links) Text, Textbox, Header, Footer, Word Art, Date & Time, Slide number, Objects, Symbol from archive, Equation, Inserting Video, Effecting the video, Inserting the Audio, Uses of Screen Recorder, Hyperlink, Action, Comments

Chaper-7 DESIGN Changing the themes, Changing Variants, Customizing the Slide. TRANSITION Type of Transition, Timing Apply for Transition. ANIMATION Type of Animation, Creating Advance Animation, Timing Apply for Animation.

Chapter-8 SLIDESHOW How to Start Slideshow, Setup Time for Slide Show, Monitors. REVIEW Spelling Check, Smart Lookup, Comments, Compare, Star inking. VIEWS Presentation Views, Master Views, Show Groups, Zoom Groups, Color Groups.

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