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Revit Architecture


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Revit Architecture - Syllabus

Chapter: 1 INTRODUCTION Intro About Revit Revit Working Atmosphere View Setting Working with Setting. (View Orientation)

Chapter: 2 LEVELS Create Levels with Different Method Create grids

Chapter: 3 WALL CREATION Type of Wall Method of Creation Creating Shapes Wall Edit

Chapter: 4 WALL PROPERTIES & EDITING COMMAND Wall Layer Creation Move, Copy, Paste, Create Similar, Rotate Mirror, Array, Trim, Scale, Align...etc.

Chapter: 5 PLAN CREATION Create Simple Plan Geometry Commands

Chapter: 6 DOOR & WINDOWS Place Door Door Properties Load From Family Place Window Windows Properties

Chapter: 7 FLOOR CREATION & COMPONENT Floor Creation Loading Component Placing Component Modify Properties

Chapter: 8 COLUMN Creation of Column Placing Column

Chapter: 9 CEILING Creation of Ceiling Ceiling Properties Modify Ceiling

Chapter: 10 ROOF & OPENINGS Type of Roof Creation Types of Opening Dormer Creation

Chapter: 11 CURTAIN WALL Creation of Curtain Wall Curtain Grid Mullion Embedded Curtain Wall

Chapter: 12 ROOM & ROOM TAG Model Text Room Room Tag Area Area Tag Color Scheme Schedule

Chapter: 13 INSERT Link Revit Link CAD Decal Placing Decal Import Load Family

Chapter: 14 ANNOTATION Type of Dimensions Type of Detailing Text Tags

Chapter: 15 MASSING & SITE COMPONENT Massing Command Topography Other Site Features Creation of Building by Massing Creation of Auditorium Truss

Chapter: 16 STAIR & RAMP Stair by Component Stair by Sketch Modify Stair Landing Ramp Rail Creation

Chapter: 17 PROJECT PART-I PLAN CREATION & ELEVATION WORK Creating Plan Placing Door Placing Windows Placing Ventilator Creation of Various Elevation Work By Massing

Chapter: 18 PROJECT PART-II MATERIAL Creating New Material Apply Material to Face by Paint Site Arrangement

Chapter: 19 PROJECT PART-III LIGHTING, RENDERING & WALKTHROUGH Placing Light Component Rendering Walkthrough

Chapter 20 DETAILING Sheet Creation Printing Setup

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