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AutoCAD 2D

AUTOCAD 2D software can be used to draft designs more quickly and with greater precision, without using stencils and technical drawing instruments. It also allows users to document and annotate drawings with text, dimensions, leaders and tables.  You can access a comprehensive set of editing, design, annotation tools and work faster in an intuitive user interface.

AutoCAD started as a design tool for engineers and architects, but is now used by other professionals as well. Autodesk, the company behind AutoCAD, has developed custom versions that can be used by design engineers, civil engineers, electrical and electronics engineers and mechanical engineers. AutoCAD thus covers a vast canvas from engineering to industrial sector, there is an AutoCAD package for everyone.

What will you learn
  • You can understand the AutoCAD workspace and user interface.
  • You will learn how to use basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools.
  • You can organize drawing objects on layers.
  • You can add text, hatching, and dimensions




File management,

User interface,

Basic settings,

Navigation bar,

Steering wheel,

View port


Chapter: 2

NEW FEATURES Go to start,

Close other Over kill,

Dim edit

Chapter: 3


Units, Limits,

UCS icon Function keys & its work


Chapter: 4


Line, polyline, Circle,

Arc Rectangle, polygon Ellipse,

Elliptical arc, spline Spline Edit,

Xline, Ray, Points Measure,

Divide, Region Wipeout,

Helix, Donut, Revision cloud,

hatch, Gradient


Chapter: 5


Move, copy, Rotate,

Scale Stretch, fillet,

Chamfer Erase, offset,

Explode Array, polar Array,

Path array Trim, extend,

Mirror, Edit polyline, Edit spline,

Edit hatch Edit array, break,

Break at point Blend vertex,

Joint, overkill, lengthen.


Chapter: 6

Annotations Dimensions

Dimension setting Linear dimension,

Aligned dimension Angular dimensions, arc length,

Radius Diameter, ordinates,

Jogged Base line dimension,

Dim base Continuous dimension



Multileader setting, create multileader,

Multileader edit, multileader align


Text style, single text, multi text


Table style, create table Table Edit, text placement


Chapter: 7


Property: color, line type Line weight,

Show icon Match properties

GROUP: New group, Edit group Active and inactive group


Chapter: 8


Create layers, Edit layers

properties Layer control (hide, freeze, lock Layout lock, print lock)


Chapter: 9


UT tools – distance, Radius,

Angle Area, volume, quick select,

Quick calculator, point, ID point

CLIP BOARD: copy, cut, paste Paste as a block, paste special


Chapter: 10


create block (Block & write block) Insert block, block Editor


create attributes, Attributes mode setting,

Block Attributes, insert attributes,

Edit attributes Tool palettes,

Design Centre,

Add object to Tool Palettes and Design Centre,

Insert object from Tool Palettes and Design Centre


Chapter: 11


Coincident, parallel, tangent Collinear, mid-point,

Smooth Concentric, Horizontal, symmetric Lock,

Vertical, Equal, Show and hide constraints


Linear, aligned, Radius, diameter Angle,

Show and hide dim constraints Delete constraints, parameters


Chapter: 12


External reference, Attach files


Import 2D, import 3D,


Multi view, paper space, model space Page setup,

Print setup Print setting, PDF conversion DXF, batch print


Chapter: 13   CIVIL PROJECT




10 Hrs






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Autodesk 3ds Max ( civil )

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Description VMC is the most economical and most effective way of processing metals and other substances. VMCs are easy to use compared to HMC and easier to configure and manage. The VMC debugger is easier, which is why it is widely used on the market. VMC is more versatile compared to horizontal counterparts and has relatively simple CNC control. Most VMC machines have three axes, x axis, y axis and z axis. The axis means the number of motors that can be individually driven to control the position of the tool. The X axis is usually left to right, the Y axis is pointing forward, and the Z axis is pointing up and down. In the standard 3-axis VMC, the cutter remains in the vertical direction. the cutting head in this milling machine is vertical and is a special type of milling machine in which the spindle moves in a vertical axis called the z axis. It has simpler configuration, management and functionality.

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