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3DS MAX Animation


3DS MAX is a program for making 3D animations, models, games, and images. It has a flexible set of tools for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering, giving you full artistic control. It is an apt software for game developers for making worlds and character models for their games, for Architects and Civil Engineers for creating photo realistic renderings of buildings and objects, for VFX Specialists  for creating stunning and realistic 3D animations.

This course will introduce you to the principles and techniques in 3DS MAX animation, including:

3ds Max’s time configuration panel, setting keyframes, animation layers and transform keys, animating objects along a path. You will learn how to use the animation tools, how to set up animation preferences and create key frames, how to work non-destructively with animation layers, how to animate with the constraints.

 What will you learn
  • You will become more familiar with the principles and techniques in 3ds Max animation.
  • You will learn 3ds Max's time configuration panel, setting keyframes, animation layers and transform keys, animating objects along a path.
  • You can create splendid and realistic 3D animations.
  • You will learn how to transfer animation between characters and you can animate comfortably inside of 3ds Max.





Interface of 3ds max

Setting preferences

Set project

Exploring interface

Creating basic object and modify panel

Navigating view ports



Move, Rotate, and scaling objects


Setting display, system units

Grid setting

Shading modes

Viewport configuring

Customizing colour and hotkeys

Transform center


Using Array
Instance duplicate
Isolate selection and lock
Scene explorer
Selection tool and window crossing
Object grouping


Standard primitives
Level of detailing
Moving pivot point
Building modifier stack
Understanding topology dependence
Volume select modifier
Clearing a selection stack
Collapsing the modifier stack


Understanding Shapes
Create line
Lathe / revolve
Modify line with end result on
Create Outline
Detailing using lathe and interpolation


Understanding editable mesh, editable poly
Modeling sofa
modeling dining table
extended primitives
modeling with extended primitives


Animation Key frame and Time Configuration Setup


Key frame and Animation
Text Animation
Object based Animation
pose to pose animation



Particle systems
Super spray
PF Source
Rendering and Animating
Particle Systems
Forces and deflectors
Wind , Gravity ,Path follow



Camera path animation

Two point camera animation

Camera path follow animation

Render with camera animation


Hair and fur
Animating Hair and fur


Biped animation
Footsteps / figure mode / motion capture
Animating a biped character


Geometric deformable
Atmospheric apparatus
box gizmo
sphere gizmo
cyl gizmo


Facial Animation
Introduction about facial animation
About Morpher
Animating Morpher
Adding Heyframes to Morpher
Rendering Morpher to 3D Character





12 Hrs






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